Monday, January 25, 2010

Here and Gone

How fast the weekends go when we have visitors. Jackie and her friend (and our friend too) Katie were here and we had a lovely visit. It is always so nice to see our family, and so hard to watch them leave. It's always a bummer when Sunday morning rolls around. I guess the Amish do have it right in many ways-just stay within the community and never leave. It certainly solves the traveling family issues. We had our last show at the theatre yesterday, the final production of "The Cocktail Hour" We've instituted a Sunday Senior discount ticket, and attendance reflected that it was a good idea. That made me happy. Today is a breakfast meeting at the local diner with members of the fund raising committee. It seems that the New Year has started off strong, with great Board member participation. I guess there were alot of resolutions out there. Hopefully, we'll benefit from that. Then it's back to the house at 2 PM for more pump training-today the "sensor" comes and we hook that up. Aaarrrgh. I'm a little uptight about that, but doing well with the pump otherwise. we heard from Jerry's co-worker who has been retired since October. He said he's never been so busy. I get that. How did we fit in real jobs? I don't know. Happy Monday. Miss ya girls. Daphne is despondent. Her Blue Man is gone. Come back soon, hear?

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