Friday, December 11, 2009


December 11. How the F did that happen? I was peacefully laying out on our back deck, enjoying the sunshine and 80 degree temperature and WHACK! It's December 11. I have only myself to blame, and yet,I feel so blameless here. While everyone has been ranting and raving about Mother Nature and the white stuff she throws at us each year, I gotta tell you, Father Time has been wheedling with my world and really playing dirty. I am perusing the internet yesterday, in between meetings, and grant applications and rehearsals and there it was, plain as day. 14 days till Christmas. Are they KIDDING? Jerry handled the tree details yesterday. He went and wacked two in the back 9. One for us, one for church. So we're in good shape there. Putting the tree up and decorating it remains still to be done and to be quite honest, I don't have time for this. We are heading to the Island for Christmas (Island, not Islands, I know, I was disapointed too) and so Christmas here will be sparse. Of course, the outside has been decorated since sometime in Mid-July (only kidding, but I am placing bets that the lights don't come down-it's an upstate thing). However, it does require a Christmas tree. We are woefully behind in everything, and I'm busy planning New Year's Eve. We are working towards a great time, and hopefully, a great fund-raiser. Cause Funds is what we need. This fuel oil thing is making me crazy. Thank God we don't have oil here at the house, I'd be over the edge. In truth, if things ever got tough we always have the wood stove. That gives me a sense of security that is completely out of proportion to my lifestyle. I think I was Amish in another life way back. Too many things in their world are completely comfortable to me. Then again, they don't have 7-11. . . Bailey in his maturity has discovered snow. He is just too happy for words, and absolutely climbs over the other two disgruntled winter dogs to get out there and get running. He can't help himself. He stands still for a moment, lifts his nose to the air and quivers with anticipation. He LOVES IT! Then he peels out and heads for a snowbank off in the distance, just getting up enough momentum to crash through and make flying dust. Then he does it all over again. Every so often he runs back to check on us all because we are not joining in the revelry. He has a disappointed look on his face,but goes back to his mission-FUN! I love to watch him. It does take the chill off to be running around and crashing through mountains of snow, but then I would be in traction for a few days, I'm sure. So that is a double-edged sword. To let go with reckless abandon or pay for that craziness with sore back and legs and yada yada. I'm sure you know how THAT pans out. Allison and I are going to the YMCA next-making a newly concerted effort to get ourselves working out and MOVING. Now that the snow is here, and isn't going away anytime soon, we need to make an alternate arrangement for motion. Outside is just too cooooold. And yet, isn't this why we moved here? Yes! I've explained my theory in the past, but for those who missed it, here goes. There are no roaring fires in Tampa. People ask "why did you move north if you don't like the cold?" My response is that there are roaring fires here in the north, and I can sit by them all I like. My feet get warm. If we went to Tampa (or south anywhere) because we don't like the cold, all we would get is Air Conditioning. I know from which I speak. No one does anything in the south without air conditioning on. I would be freezing ALL THE TIME! And so, here we are in the toasty northeast. Makes sense to me. I realize I'm rambling a little today, but that's my point. If I focus, I will have to come to terms with the fact that it is December 11th, and I have no Christmas. I do believe. . . I do believe. . .

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