Wednesday, December 9, 2009

High Five to whom?

Who do you high five when no one is home? I can explain but first I must tell you we are experiencing the winter's first real snow storm. Bailey has finally accepted the fact that no, he cannot run outside and play with the snowplow. So, he is napping here on the couch. Quite comfortable actually. He does well when we're home with him. I am not home alone either. Allison is sleeping quite peacefully upstairs in her room because TODAY IS A SNOW DAY! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! Yes! We are here and the snow outside is at 12 inches so far, no wait, about 2 feet just slid off the roof, so here at the door, we now have about 3 feet of snow. The new metal roof is doing its job. Snow is sliding down, and accumulating here at the back door. The Porch is doing IT'S job and keeping the snow from accumulating at the front door, so we can still open it. I love when a plan comes together, which is where I started this blog. . . I want to high five SOMEONE because yesterday as I was leaving the theatre I thought to myself, snow. . . maybe. . .what should I bring home with me? And although I had already overnighted the wine and beer permit application to the proper agency, and they had received it, I thought, well, just bring the file home in case. And I thought for moment "are we being neurotic?" And although the answer was yes, I was being neurotic, (and by the way, who ever decided neurotic was a BAD thing? Doesn't it just make us more efficient people?) I tucked the file into my briefcase, which was already overloaded with OTHER things that were possible problems in the event that we DID get snow and we DID close school and we DID decide to stay home for the day. . . well. This morning at about 9:50 a.m. (Jackie, correct me if I'm wrong) I got a phone call from our Agency's contact person, (who shall remain nameless in case their being a contact is a conflict-ya never know), and asked me for YOU GUESSED IT-a copy of our permit application in the event that they needed to speak to the OTHER agency about our application. So far, our application looks good. New Year's Eve is a go-I can almost say that with authority. Almost. But in the big scheme of things, the fact that I had the application, was able to fax it to their office (because we CAN fax from here at home), and it was all completed correctly and on time, with the check, with the proper signature and mailed overnight to the correct place, AND I had made copies of everything and brought it home with me, because YES, I am neurotic. It made me look good. That doesn't happen as often as I'd like, and so, just for the record, my request for a high five was really just looking for a pat on the back because no one can do that for themselves. Well, really you can, but unfortunately for humanity, we don't give ourselves that same credit, and the credit doesn't feel as valuable as it should when it comes from ourselves, which is really a shame and we should work on that. I am almost positive that Allison would not be feeling the same sense of elation that I am feeling right now, and so I let her sleep. I know that Jackie is feeling it for me, but we are too far away to feel that "SLAP" that you experience when you high five someone for real. So the emotional SLAP that she is feeling for me is very much appreciated. Thanks Jackie! Jerry is out plowing the neighbors, because he is a good guy. He will only say "well of course, who's better than you?" and I also appreciate his constant support and expectation that I will be the best. He is good about that. He is an all around good guy. BECAUSE he's an all around good guy, he's not here either. So that SLAP of a high five must come from within. I'm not good at that. But today, I will give it my best shot. Nice going Jen. High Five. Cocktail anyone? New Year's Eve - be there. We'll be serving drinks.

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