Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jen Doing a Little singing and ...It's Snowing Again!

Well Gang it's been a few days or more since I put something up in the Blog so here Goes! We have Been very busy volunteering at the Glove, I helped out for the kids Christmas / Holiday show..... I became very Close to Santa that day..
Last Night we helped out at a Irish Dance rehearsal, Jen even sang one song....Sat. is the show which is mostly Irish Dancers and they are great from what I saw...
We are getting a little snow as I type so here a few pictures.
Jen is going to sing with a country band New Years Eve , I snapped a few pictures from the rehearsal the other night . Jen is wearing a coat (white one) cause they keep the heat way down.
They sound Great....mostly cause Jens singing with them.
Brian , Ashly and Maybe Nicole coming up Saturday for the weekend.
I'm making with Brian a Lasagna which he asked for and I love to make. Hope he does not follow too closely as we make it....It's a well guarded secret.
Jen's having fun so she tells us and that's good for her.
Just got the Christmas tree in a few hours ago and soon we will be getting it decorated......We hope, at least lights going on it.
Safe trip up up guys, bring warm clothes with was 16 this morning when I got up.
Til next time....Jerry
P.S. I know I'm forgetting something...It will come to me.

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