Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How many different directions can I go?

I used to listen to people who said they had no time to check their e-mail and think "are they kidding?-how much time could THAT take?" and now. . . I'm there. I'm on the computer all day at work and when I walk in the door at home, I'm right to the computer to check-out music/groups on i-tunes. I put the headphones on and I'm at the computer for an hour or so. I get it. Signing on to e-mail is just overwhelming to me, because it opens up the door to possible problems and questions that I just can't answer anymore. "Tomorrow is another day", as Scarlet said. I apologize to those e-mail friends whom are nothing near to problems or questions, it's just the filtering that sends me over the edge. That being said, I am working on a resolution this year that will allow me to "gloss over" those e-mails that require "work" and move on to the good stuff. It's a good resolution for the new year, and I have a month to fine tune the points so that it is a workable solution. I'm never good at putting aside work when it's in my face. Once I put it aside, I can ignore it like nobody's business. There's a fine line that I need to find, because OVERWHELMED has become my middle name. With the holidays barreling down on us (I can't believe we just passed Thanksgiving), I realize that once again I am woefully behind. How does this happen when every year I vow to get a handle on the holidays? I'm determined, motivated and very thoroughly convinced I can pull it all together. And yet, here we are, December 1st. I have wrapping paper. Nothing to wrap, but plenty of paper. Go Jen. And yet, isn't this the prettiest time of year? I just have to find a way to blend the beauty and the chores. If I can achieve that-well, that's the goal anyway. Today, I'm off to Albany to attend a meeting with Gov. Paterson (really) for "women in business". It is a press conference that will be held at the capital building in Albany. I am not doing any shopping today, because THIS is a moment that I will need both hands in order to pinch myself. How did I get on this list? I'm thrilled, excited and proud. No time for shopping. . . although being in Albany puts us very close to the mall. The BIG mall. hmmmmm. This could work in my favor.

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