Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some Thanksgiving & Hunting Photo's

Well Gang , it's been a few days since my last post so here are some Thanksgiving & Hunting Photo's. We will start with the tree lighting in Gloversville Friday night. Jen played the guitar and sang a few Holiday Songs... They did not have to use the "CLAP" sign in the background when Jen sang. Some of the singers from the Glove
More Good Spirits
Ahhhh The Thanksgiving Crew after Dinner
A little too much to eat, Seems like it was Nappy Time
Bailey sorta tellin Jessie ...Hey I was going to sit there!!!
One of Dave Friends Down the Road with His Deer, shot on Opening Day in the Southern Zone
Not Bad !!!! I'm hunting for 3-4 weeks and nothing, these two taken in the 1st day in Southern Zone
As I walk along I just find pictures that need to be taken. This is a stone wall in the middle of the woods. It appears that at one point this was a plowed field and the farmers moved the stones to the edge while plowing. I wonder how many years ago we are talkin and how long did it take to move those stones?
This is a small wal but some go on for what appears to be miles.
Just Looked Nice so I took these.
I'm Hunting in the New York State Forrest>
Just a creek in the woods.
Another creek
Snowmobile trail Bridge in the Forrest
Well as Jen said , we cooked the two turkeys in the BBQ for about 2 1/2 hrs. I Hickory smoked them and they tasted that way, I seemed to be the only one who cared for the Hickory flavor. These turkeys not as large Breasted as Butterballs...( Did That Sound Dirty ????). Anyhow not so much left over white meat cause just not that much Turkey Boobs. They kinda belonged to the itty, bitty, tittie club .
We all ate too much and had some other great meals over the weekend. My Clam Dip (Hot) went over well and no leftovers of that, Sorry Mike & Nicole.
Jen & I made a large amount of dinner sides...all the "Must Haves" and those we will be eating for a few more days.
Thanks guys for coming up , Had a Great time, come again ! Missed all the rest of you who did not make it!
Til next time Gang.....Jerry ( Sorry it the words don't match up with the photo's , did when I typed them.)

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