Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Albany, New York

I was inside the Capital building in Albany yesterday; the heart of New York's political business. It was exciting and beautiful. The history in the place is just palpable, and everyone there has a sense of respect and awe. It was a great experience and I was thrilled to have been included. The Governor notwithstanding, the government is being run by Doogie Howser. I looked around and was shocked by the youth of all the governor's assistants and aids. They are all kids! Then it dawned on me that maybe I have reached that age where everyone is a kid, except me. My rational head kicked in and said "of course not, I'm not THAT old". But it is remarkable that the government has so many "youthful" participants." I'm glad, of course. I think that the youthful perspective can only help us. But I am sure that the boy's department at JC Penney is low on suits. It was a kick to be there, and unlike the Salahi's at the white house, my name WAS on the list. Cool. The capital building is beautiful! It is worth being seen at any time. The artwork on the ceiling is just gorgeous and reflects the rich history of New York State. Mohawk indians, Henry Hudson, Erie Canal - all of it. I had a great time. Now, today, back to the theatre and the hunt for fuel oil. We're having a Fuel-Aid concert on New Year's Eve, and hopefully it will be well attended. We burn about 2 gallons per hour, and that's a painful reality. So, that's my priority. Stay warm.

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