Friday, November 20, 2009

Sitting on fences

We're waiting patiently for Brian to arrive! He got on the road this morning at 3AM, and should be here shortly. Actually, he is about 20 minutes overdue, but knowing Brian he is exactly following the speed limit and probably made a few stops. We seem to be the only ones who go straight through. I guess when you make this trip twice a month, 200 miles becomes like a cross-town jaunt. Not a big deal for sure. The Newburgh midway point becomes the goal and after that the traffic gets increasingly annoying. Up til then, it's just a drive in the dark. I've been downloading the Prairie Home Companion series to CD, and listen to that during the trip. It makes it go much faster when you can catch up with an audio book or radio program. I used to knit a little when Jerry was driving, but now with daylight savings time over, it's too dark. They do make lighted knitting needles, but I haven't yet made that investment. The dark outside just makes me sleepy. That's when Jerry is driving, not when I am driving. Bailey is looking over my shoulder as I write this, because he is the morning guy. He sits on the arm of the sofa and looks over my shoulder as I write. A 75 lb. dog sitting ON the arm of the sofa is probably seen as bad behavior in some circles. Not this circle. We're still sitting on the fence with the kitten (actually WE is not the most correct term). Allison and I are not on the fence, we're totally over the fence and just waiting for Jerry to join us. I do want to bring the kitten home, and NOW. Every day we wait just makes it more difficult to introduce this little kitty to the rest of the fam. But I do want jerry to be SOMEWHAT OK with it, and we're just not there yet. Bringing a kitty into a hostile environment just sets me up for guilt, and I have enough of that in my life already. So, we wait for that weak moment when I can drive the mile to Hannah's house and pick up Nala. Driving the mile to Hannah's house, we also pass four homes that have lit up the Holiday lights already. We're WAY BEHIND in the Holiday Light competition, but Allison is holding us back with her idea of when it is appropriate. I'm on the fence on this one. Usually I like to wait until the day after thanksgiving, that's been our tradition. Jerry has already put the lights on the porch columns, and I was totally behind that "weather motivated" program. It's a warm decision. We just held off on the official Lighting of the Lights. Now that the neighbors have lit up the night, well what the heck, let's get in on it. We have had "twinkle" lights on the back deck all year. Just because they're pretty and we like them. the stores have all jumped off the cliff and are in full holiday swing-trees, ornaments, lights and music. The local radio station is playing holiday music EXCLUSIVELY,so what's a few lights on our porch? I am seeing a bargaining chip as I speak here. Light the lights, bring home the kitten? ooops-Brian's Here! have a great day-I know we will!

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Allison said...

Hannah told me that her mom is getting rid of the kittens soon because she's allergic!
We should take Nala so that we know she is in a good home :)