Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deer Hunting in the Adirondacks this year

Well Gang I have been hunting down the road with some new hunting friends and Dave ( Maple Dave ). Been only hunting in the late mornings and afternoons. So far only one in our party has got a deer and a bear shot. I have three days ago shot at and wounded a bigger Buck but have spent the last two days tracking him. Going out again today for my 3rd day which might be my last as it going to rain soon and his trail will be washed away. This is just a shot of what it's kind of looking like where I am hunting
A Buck rub on the tree. This is about 2 miles into the woods.
A great spot that I found, Apple trees off in the distance that has apple trees with tons of deer tracks ,on right.
Eric & Larry, Some of the hunting crew cutting up a deer
Looks like good eating. Very Little Fat in this deer.
More to come but time to get back out there and find my wounded deer, Wish me Luck, Brian (One of my Sons for those who don't know)heading up to try his luck
Til next time Gang....Jerry
P.S. I loved the Turkey Boobs post Jen....
Funny no one had anything to say about that!
You Guys are slipping.

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