Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A bloody Mary does not qualify as brunch.

As Jerry said, we had a whirlwind weekend. It was and always is so great to see everyone, and it was and always is never enough time to visit as much as we'd like. He left out the drive-by Clint and Joanne's and also the other stops for coffee, food and sundries. We ran through the weekend. When Allison got dropped at Jackie's we realized ten minutes after her Dad left that she had forgotten her IPOD in his glove compartment. The "making good time" program came to a screeching halt as we had to meet him on Roslyn Road at mcDonald's so she could get her IPOD and we could get something to eat before the road trip. This daylight savings time means that if we leave after 4:00 PM there is no reading or knitting in the car. Just miles and miles of dark nothing. I much prefer the spring trips where daylight lasts till 9 PM-knitting and reading gets done and the trip goes so much faster. Today's activities include meeting the oil delivery guy at the theater, mammagram and my cousin Carrie working her way up here for a few days R&R before hitting the road for her southerly trip to FLA. We are always glad to be the wayside on anybody's trip. I can't wait! The theater had a spectacular weekend with three activities back to back-all of them well attended-we seem to be getting the word out that the theater is up and running. I'm learning some Irish songs for the Celtic Christmas Show we have on December 19th. I remember a year ago when we retired thinking "how will I fill my days?" and being somewhat concerned that we would be bored. BORED? HAHAHAHAHAHA. I have not been bored in quite some time. Well rested and de-stressed absolutely, but BORED? Not so much. That's OK. We're doing it as we like, not as we have to. There is a huge difference there. HUGE. So, as we wind down after a busy weekend I am always grateful to be returning here. I love visiting and seeing everyone, but my pace has changed so that I am running a little slower and and not keeping up with the Long Island pace. So I park myself in someone's living room and visit with them as long as I can. It's all good.

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