Monday, November 16, 2009


We have been slow to Blog this past week, we have had Company. Carrie , Jen's cousin stopped in last week , up from Long Island, over from the West Coast and on her way to Fla. Wow........... That was a mouth full. Carrie is moving from the West Coast and moving to Fla. to live and work. Carrie stopped by here back over the summer and landed at her parents home for last three months, helping out and visiting. We always enjoy when she comes around, Carrie also likes the out doors so we did take a few hikes into the woods. This being a tough time as it's hunting season and a little tough walking, Didn't want to be shot at, did not want to disrupt any one's hunt with us walking through the woods. All quiet here , Jen's working at The Glove and I have a few things to take care of before doing a little hunting this afternoon. I got to get out there and get a Buck....All of my hunting friends from the Island are chiming in with pictures of deer that they have taken.....Bucks !!!!, I on the other hand have not seen a Horn in the woods at all. I live in the woods and nothing, Dean S. poked a hole in a nice one after only two days..... John S. also shot a Monster. Well that's about it, Carrie Drove south yesterday on her way to Fla, Brian is headed here Friday for some hunting and then the crew arrives week after that for thanksgiving. Company......Got love it! Til Next time Gang ......Jerry I'm sure Jen's got tons of stuff and will be up and Blogged

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