Monday, November 9, 2009

Home Again !!!!!

Well Gang We are Home Again after being down on Long Island over the Weekend. There are not enough days in last weekend to get ALL the things that we wanted to get done. Our 1st stop was in Mineola to visit and with Jackie & Jessie, Alison was also being picked up by her dad for a weekend visit. We arrived about an hour later then we expected at 7:30 pm, due to traffic about 9 miles before the Throgs Neck Bridge ( Seems at a time it was only about 4 miles). Jackie and Jessie out for a little Friday Night fun so we let ourselfs in to be greated by Blue the dog.... :>) We, us / Me, being older, hit the hay before Jackie & Jessie made it home, say 9 pm. Trip in some ways short and other ways just tiring . The next morning with some sleep under our belts we had a short visit with Jessie & Jackie. Jackie off the a Baby Shower, us a honey delivery to a Glen Cove Store and then headed to the dentist. Gotta love Dr. Lee N. and his Team. Never any Pain and Gentile Always. Both Jen and I finished after a short while at Dr. Lee's office, we chatted a while, then Off to Mike and Nicole in Holbrook for a visit and a overnight stay. Miss Payton was there, Brian showed up too...We did miss Ashly who could not break free to come over and see us.....We missed you! Well the whole gang piled in to the car and had a great dinner and conversation at the local Red Lobster. The food was great and it was good to do a little "face to face" catching up! After dinner we had some good times back at the house and shown all the great things that Mike and Nicole doing to the house...It is all Great Guys, Keep Up the Good Work ! Nicole such a great hostess, did all of that with us on just 2 hours sleep as she had worked the overnight shift at the hospital the night before we arrived. The next morning we shared bagels , coffee and conversation in our PJ's with Mike , Nicole and Payton , Payton who did a quick run over with her Christmas "Wish List"!!!!!!! Payton and I had a little game of football catch out front and then a short nature walk around the area. We found some Acorns to be planted in the back yard. Payton and Mike Said "Good Bye's" , Mike off to work and Payton to be dropped off at her mom's. Jen & I Cleaned up our act, Said our good bye's to Nicole, then headed West and North To Manhasset NY to meet with Carrie , Jen's cousin from California who has been visiting. Thanks Nicole & Mike for putting us up.... We ran into Carrie just coming out of Church at about Noon , Said Hello to a few relatives , Aunt Ruth & Uncle Bob, then headed in to Port Washington With Carrie For a little brunch at Louie's Waterside Restaurant , Sat outside on the deck and had a nice face to face catch up. Later, on a sad note we visited with Jeff and Lynda M. as her Dad had passed away , Wake being at a Port Washington funeral home . Sorry for you loss, Lynda and family , You are in our thoughts and prayers. Jen & I did some further visiting at the wake and saw old co-workers , and friends. Then off and back to Jackie's to await Ali's return from her visit with her dad. Jackie and Jessie being great hosts at the house and we did some more face to face catching up, loaded a desk into the pickup for our office and then headed north to Caroga Lake and the dogs. Thanks Jackie & Jessie You are Best !!!! Can't Wait to see you guys up here in a few weeks. Well with the crew in the pickup we headed North and arrived home in the Adirondacks at about 9:30 Pm, the dogs happy to see us and in a very short time we all headed in for the night. Thanks Dan & Jenny for watching the dogs, we owe you a dinner . That's about it gang......Til next time Jerry

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