Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sweet Potato Plant

Sweet Potato Plant.......Jen sez that it was all the rage in the late 70's I'm not sure but here is what we got going. Jen stuck this Sweet Potato in this glass last summer and filled it with water, some of the Potato above the water. Well after a few weeks or more, maybe 6 weeks it shot out roots and the started to bloom as you can see.... Not sure if it's going to flower but it is nice to look at.
Jake's having a little down time.
Daphne too.... Ahhhh The life of a dog!
Bailey would not stand still for a picture.
Both of us still suffering with this darn cold.....Been about 2 weeks now. Jen took the day off from the Glove Theatre and is resting in bed. All Is quiet here, was 38 in the morning and over cast which is what they are calling for thru Saturday.
Worked hard Yesterday outside buttoning up the house for winter, (I.E.Closing Crawl Space Vents & any other place that cold winter weather can blow in). The crawl space watch so again starts as we have a lot of plumbing in that area. Last year we had about two weeks of -15 degree weather and we did not get close to that 32 degree temperature in the crawl space ( Have a remote sensor in crawl space). This year we also installed a hot air vent into the crawl space to warm those pipes during really bad weather. 71 inside cause of pellet stove, 58 in crawl space, 42 and slightly blowing outside.
That's about it for today,
Til Next time Gang....Jerry

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sweet potato plants & "special brownies".... hmmmm.