Saturday, October 3, 2009

Caroga Lake Updates

Well Gang, Here's the news from Caroga... By the way what a Nice Looking Couple! How would you like to be upstate New York , The Adirondacks with this Lovely Lady?
How Lucky am I?
Just figured I would give you Faces to the Blog if you are a reader that we don't know. ( I'm the one on the left)
All three of us , Jen ,Ali and Me still got this darn cold hanging on. Today I feel the best I have felt in weeks, Head is clearing and I can almost hear again. I'm not sure about Ali & Jen as they are both still sleeping.
Here are a few shots from this morning , it is damp and foggy out today..... Calling for some rain later in the day.
This weekend is a large sale of Kayaks and canoes in Old Forge, New and Used ones... We have been thinking about going there but the weather has been a factor as well as our colds.
Pam & Chuck Had to back out of coming up to see us.....Between our colds and rain they decided that another weekend would be better.
Is that a deer in that pasture ????? On the Left by the tree....Do you see it?? Off where the grass meets the tree line.
I cleaned out the garden yesterday of nearly all of the crops...still some plants growning, next year I think we will make some changes .
Oh and these are the 4 tons of pellets waiting to be moved inside Brian ,Walter,Mike & Jessie. Each one of those bags is 40 lbs. Did I say
I miss you guys.....?
Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry

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