Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Eye Candy

Well Gang, it getting late for us here at the Camp, almost 8:30 in the evening as I start typing this... Got the Yankees on in the back ground and they are losing , Bottom of the 4Th. Jen's still a little under the weather so she has called it a night. She did work today but finished early at the Glove. I, other hand stayed home and Cleaned up the Camp. Changed the sheets, cleaned the Down comforter and it's cover. (Is there a a different spelling for Goose Down???? Having a Brain Fart , You Know what I mean if it's spell different!) We picked up a New 32 inch flat screen H.D. Television for the Bed room, so Jen's in heaven , old T.V. was a 12 inch Job... You would think that 12 inches in the bed room would be enough !!!! Any how she wanted more so we got a larger one..... ,As time goes on it's harder to see the channels on that small job....The 12 incher. I think the new one was made in Europe..... Enough Said or I will get myself in trouble. Here are some Fall Leaf Photo's as every day the Adirondacks change out my back window. This is out the front window of my Pickup, wont be long before we hit peak. This is the ride We have home everyday up the mountain to our Camp.
An old Barn down the road that is Just Waiting for someone to put paint to canvas.
This we pass every day too.
Last year a Big Buck was standing along side of that barn between the brown roof and telephone pole
Another Barn along the way.
Owner's daughter had her wedding in the field to the left. They put up a few very large rented tents and the caterers I hear did a great job.
As I said in the Past...Rumor has it that someone in our family thinking about having a wedding in our pasture which would thrill us to no end!!!! Well that's a few shots of the Leaves on the road home.
Nothing further for today... Pam & Chuck I hear making a trip up to us this weekend.
Til next time Gang.......Jerry

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