Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old Forge & Kayaks

Old Forge & Kayaks, That was the Plan for the day yesterday. The weather was reported to be rainy and we have colds. Pam & Chuck did not come to see us because of the rain and us not feeling so hot. Well we ended up feeling a little better and the weather turned nicer then expected. That Being Said .....we got into the Pick up and headed north to Old Forge. An outfitter in Old Forge was selling off New and used Canoes and kayaks as he does every year at discounted prices. Ali still suffering with a cold decided to stay home on the couch. Jen & I Have been talking about getting a kayak for some time ....I almost had my hands on a couple a few years ago while not yet retired but that's a long story, You guys from work know it,I'll just leave it at that! Anyhow we are looking for Kayaks.
So this sale looks like the place to find one. We have been thinking of a 2 person one cause we are old and if one wants to take a break the other can paddle. Hey Jen, I thought the Guys
Gets to be in the back of the Kayak?
So we tried one out and it was a great ride, Jen & I loved it and took it for a little spin.
Just a Great place to Kayak. A lot of kids and family out and about testing Kayaks.
Jen Looks Happy and I got the back.
Is she Getting Younger?
Heading back in to shore and weighing What we are going to do...To buy or not to buy??????
We ended up holding off for this year as we have other priorities and this just did not fit in this years budget.
So off we drove deeper into Old Forge for a day of wandering in and out of stores.. we did have some minor rain off and on but in general it was a great day. Chain saw carved pumpkin and bear in the Snow Mobile.
Jen doing a little shopping in Old Forge.
This is an interesting place along the way into Old Forge...Plane thru the roof and it's called the WIG-WAM.
Go figure...a plane and the name of an Indian home
Taking a little break on the way home we stopped to look at this little lake.
That's why the brightly strung across barrels, a water falls.
Just great Eye Candy
Very Nice
Walk path along side of the closed bridge
Best View of all.....A smile on Jen's face!!!!! Well Gang, That's about it for today.
Til Next time Gang.....Jerry

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