Monday, October 5, 2009

really big news

Nah, not really. But I got your attention right? It's quiet here. Although I did enjoy myself tremendously during our trip to Old Forge, it was so nice to get out and breathe some fresh air, I just couldn't wrap my head around the necessity of a kayak, on October 3rd. I don't like to get in the water in August when it hovers around 75-80 degrees. Now? hmmmm. That could wait. We did like the tandem kayak, even though everyone who owns kayaks tells you "no, no, no" because everyone likes to be their own Captain, I think I like being paddled around while taking in the sights. It's less wear and tear on a shoulder that still bothers me on occasion. Kayaking might be a good way to exercise and build up the muscle, but being stuck out on the lake if that "build up" program goes awry is not my idea of a good time. So, for now, I'll be a passenger. It's not a bad gig, believe me. The lake (or was it a river-Moose River?- I think that's right) We have spent so little time together recently, due to the theatre in part, that it was just nice to stroll the sidewalks of Old Forge. Having been "retired" for a year, with no clear schedule, to being wrapped up in the theatre, has been a huge adjustment for us. Some of it is beneficial, because it is always good to have something to bring to the table in the way of conversation. Sometimes spending day in and day out together can certainly hamper the conversation topics because you both were there and experienced the same thing. We were lucky in that it never got that far, but it is nice to have different experiences to share with each other at the end of the day. There was somewhat of a frenzied tone to my first days at the Glove, because we had internet only here at home, and internet needs at the office, so I was going back and forth more than necessary. And then having paperwork in three different places (my car too) was kind of confusing. We survived, and the Glove now has internet thanks to a local Judge who is covering that cost. The theater has many, many needs and most of them will be quite expensive due to the age of the theatre. We're doing it one day at a time, but it does give my life a sense of "deadline" that has been missing in awhile. When I compare my life to what it was two years ago, even this sense of urgency that I feel is NOTHING compared to the stress level that existed for me (us) on the island. There is really no comparison. We talked about it in our car ride on Saturday, and I'm so glad we are both on the same page. Imagine if THAT hadn't worked out? A rotten case of green acres for sure. We are so lucky that sometimes it scares me. But it is a sorry person who keeps looking over their shoulder for the bad news, and so I look forward. In our little world here, folks are buttoning up for the winter. Their homes and their coats. Things are getting put away, yards are getting cleared of furniture and what-nots. Some yards AREN'T getting cleared, and that is the beauty of snow-it covers some yards that should be covered all year. The whole place takes on a beauty that is just incredible. That I am looking foward to, in its time. Right now, I am enjoying the beauty of autumn. We are having some construction work done this week, and I am honestly dreading that. but once it's over, we can tackle the "decorative" side of our room, which has been put off till last. That's the fun part, decorating the cake. We are going hog-wild mountain decor with this room - it's the reason we love it here, and we're not holding back. Log cabin look. I'll be glad when it's done. So, that's my news update. We're looking forward to family time soon, and missing everyone. That never changes. So come see us, we'll find you a spot.

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