Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Broadway comes to the Glove !!!

Well Gang it's been a few days since we posted and I did start this post the other day but just had things to do. So here goes..... The Show was Great!!!! I had planned on taking more pictures but between my one costume change and sometimes not being able to make it out into the house from back stage I missed a lot of picture shots. About a 2 hour show with many very talented people and it seemed the show was very well liked. Turn out was good and about what is normal for the shows that have played in the past. Jen did a Great Job as is the normal and not surprising. I can say we all had a fun time and the theatre made funds towards the up keep and restoration.
Some of the Local Talent.
Part of the group of Singers that are so talented.
I know there should be more pictures but I was back stage and missed a lot.
Hopefully I will get more from friends in the audience .
This weekend is the Halloween haunted house inside of the theatre , I was helping out last night setting up Ghoulish props
that the kids will be walking past and scared by. The theatre has a HUGE amount of costumes and scary props.....
Good luck with that guys.....Not sure if I am going to bee there as this weekend is opening day in the Northern zone....I will be out deer hunting.
The weather here has been very mild and they say that we will maybe hit 70 on Thursday, maybe a little too warm for deer hunting.
That's about it for now, Jen's been working very hard at the Glove pulling it all together.
Til next time Gang.........Jerry :>)

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