Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oddities and observations

As I drove to work this morning around 8:30, it was noticable to me how many hunters there are out there. I only saw their cars, parking alongside the road next to private property and state land alike. It is black powder season here, and it appears to be very popular. Jerry is gearing up for Saturday, which is opening day for regular season. The black powder guys are just a bit more gun-ho (ha ha). Anyway, I have seen a few deer at night as I drive home from either the theater or in the case of last night, a playwrites workshop. I drove to Northville (approximately 20 miles, oh, I don't know, just down the road a piece)Public Library where there was a writers workshop held. It was highly informative, and once again, unveiled a culture of writers are artists that are living their dreams quietly and simply, here in the Adirondacks. I am always surprised by the people I meet at these types of gatherings. I knew for me that this environment here, which is inspiring at every turn, would be good for my creative self. What I am finding out, joyfully, is that I am not alone in this. There are actors, singers, writers, painters, artists and entrepreneurs everywhere. It's a fun place to be, seeing what people do with their inspirations. I'm loving it. Jerry has been working hard at home, getting the place buttoned up for winter. Today we're experiencing somewhat of an indian summer. The temps this week are way better than we had last week. People in town are walking around in their shirtsleeves, which is kind of startling considering the down that was being worn last week. I'm liking that too. It is funny though, the differences between upstate and downstate - I'm always taken back a little bit by the cultures that are so far apart. Here in upstate New York, people are absolutely clear on fashion. It has no place in winter. We all like it (notice how now I'm one of them?) and agree on what is "in style" and look at the mags and all that - but when it comes to getting dressed and getting outside? It has no bearing on fashion at all. OK, maybe for the teenagers, but I see even a few of them in "odd" wear, weird but thermally appropriate. Not MY teenager, she'll freeze for fashion, but many of those kids who were born and raised here know that it makes more sense to be warm than to be "cool". So yes, you will see shorts, flip flops and a ski jacket. All at the same time. It's just practical. At some point during the day, you will need the ski jacket. Temps can vary 40 degrees or more throughout the day. So just wear it all and loose the layers as need be. Seems like a plan to me.

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