Monday, September 28, 2009

Jen & I Picked Out Our Thanksgiving Turkey

Jen & I Picked Out Our Thanksgiving Turkey The other day at a Near by Farm.
That's me heading out into the field .
Man.....Who is that old Guy from the Back?
That's the one that will be ready next month for the table, Farmer states that he (The turkey) will be about 20 LBS the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That's him on the left...The white one next to the other one.....Did you find him?
Here's another clue on which one it is...he's shy so he's not looking at the camera........On the left!!!!!!
A little cool and damp here In the Adirondacks so I fired up the pellet stove.
Some Eye Candy for you Leaf Peepers
Not much has changed here at our Adirondack Camp other then the weather......Construction has been placed on hold just because we are tired..... We are also trying to enjoy the journey a little.
The Glove Theatre has also given us a new direction to focus on......Jen working and I volunteering.
The front porch still needs a railing and the underside closed in and flower beds in front. Siding needs to be installed, 1/2 round logs will be the siding making it to look like a log cabin. it should look like the old "Lincoln log cabin toys" we played with as children.
Some more leaf shots, pond on the right side
The Camp Fire waiting!
That's about it for now gang.. Wet and Damp here outside.
Til Next Time.......Jerry

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