Monday, September 28, 2009


Since I walked in the doors of the Glove Theatre I feel like I have been on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. We're feeling better today, but last week was just the ultimate crash. We suffered with colds and it laid me out, Jerry too. Allison was uncomfortable, but that's about it. Ah, to be young. The past FEW weeks have seen us down to the island for a family wedding, a fantastic housewarming, visiting with the kids, (we missed you Walt) back up here for a show, rehearsals, dog sitting, swim practice, swim meets, and every day business. To put it mildly, I'm tired. The job is great, but I'm still working without the internet. That will be fixed this week, but I am working from home some of the time, printing from home, back to the office, back home to internet. I do the Gloversville-Johnstown commute like it's two miles. It's not. It's exhausting. We're working on getting the theater up and running. This weekend the volunteers managed to get carpet laid down in the ladies lounge and a new sofa in place. It's beautiful! The concert there this weekend was poorly attended, but well received. There are just so many things going on simultaneously that sometimes the Glove is not first choice. I would like to change that as much as possible. And I do miss being at home and sitting on the porch with my buddy. The leaves here are maybe 1/3 turned, and it is surely beautiful. We went to the pumpkin farm on Saturday, Jerry and I, and just walking around the fields and sniffing all the fall smells, it is an amazing place to be. I am definitely living in two worlds. Our house, which is quite rural, and going into Gloversville every day, which is quite not. It is still a small country city, but the feeling that you are on Main Street is there every minute. This is what's called the best of both worlds, and I guess I have it. We have two weeks off and then our big Broadway Revue. The talent that showed up for our cast call is quite amazing. I am confident it will be a great show. Now if we can just fill those seats. . .

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