Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Venus and Mars Tile the Backsplash

Yes, we did it. We tiled the backsplash without incident, which is remarkable in and of itself. But the real miracle is that it looks nice, and we both like the finished product. We managed to go to Home Depot, pick up the extra tiles that we needed, make a few stops for incidentals and get home to complete the job, all without any harsh words or misunderstandings. What is happening to us? Are we learning to compromise? Are we learning to get along in the unstructured time frame of retirement? It's possible. When you spend this much time together it is inevitable that differences will arise. You cannot spent 24/7 with someone without having a moment of difference or hurt feelings. That is impossible. What really matters is not that you live without differences or even expect to get along smoothly and anger-free. What matters is that you learn how to get past these moments of non-harmony without leaving permanent injury. It appears with this job at least that we have jumped over this hurdle. Now let me add that we have not done the grout yet. It demands a 24 hour minimum dry time between adhesive and grout. With the rain and humidity we decided that AT LEAST 24 hours was the way to go. So today we are off for another excellent adventure. We know that we need a few sundries from the grocery, and Jerry is talking haircut, but other than that - destination; unknown. Allison is away camping with a friend at Hither Hills in Montauk. It has been so quiet here, we're not used to it at all. With Chuck and Pam here for a few days, we had the opportunity to get some fun in as well as some of the work. I know who to call when you need a job done. Pam is a relentless gardener. Pulling the weeds from the pond was a thankless task, and she jumped right in and took over. High five Pam. It would still be overgrown if it wasn't for her efforts. I am thrilled. I look at the calendar and realize we are essentially halfway through summer. It is a scary thought. We have yet to break 90 degrees, my comfort zone. Jerry is itching to turn on the AC, but we have had no reason to as of yet. This is crazy. I'm still doing the wool sock thing, and the down comforter has not come off the bed. Summertime. We are still waiting. I hope it gets here soon. I'm cold.

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