Monday, July 6, 2009

Jen's Birthday, July 4th , Pam & Chucks visit and some more Breezy Point Show Pictures

Well Gang it's been a few days so here goes. It was Jen's Birthday on the 5Th and I'll start with that and work backwards. Pam and Chuck came up and spent the weekend with us and it appears a great time was had by all. We did not have cake but Pam made a batch of Brownies Jen only wanted one candle in the ice cream above the brownie in the bowl. It was a little cold that night too here in the Adirondacks Photobucket Pam ,Chuck , Jen,............... Jake looking to snatch away that brownie from Pam's Hand. Photobucket Before Ice Cream & Brownies we had raw clams...Yum-Yum!!!!!! Photobucket Pam getting ready to do a little clean up in our pond... Nice outfit!!!!! No remarks from the Fashion Police, Please. Remember this is an outfit that is OK........In the ADK'S Photobucket Pam in the Pond, Me helping from shore Photobucket Just a random shot of Me and Dan ( the Bee Guy) Cooking one night before Jen's Birthday Photobucket Pam & Chuck waiting for fireworks on the 4th at Julie & Rich's house on East Caroga Lake. Never saw the fireworks as it got too cold and windy so we watched the Macy's display on T.V. as it was raining here Photobucket Dave from down the road putting in a rock garden in our front yard. Photobucket Onnie & Clint playing a few tunes while Jen was staying there during the Breezy Point show. Here are a few shots that she left out from .....THE BREEZY POINT SHOW!!!! Photobucket Jen Belting out a song....God She is great!!!! Sorry about the focus Photobucket MaryAnne Singing.....Wish I cold sing......they make it look so easy! Photobucket Jen & MaryAnne Photobucket MaryEllen thanking the cast after the show at the Cast Party. Good Job cast and crew......MaryEllen too! Photobucket Thanks Pam & Chuck for coming up...Had a Great Time!!!! Well thats about it.....all caught up.......mostly. I'm sure Jen's got more to add. Til next time gang.... Jerry

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Anonymous said...

Jerry, the Fashion Police have retired like you. Forget about the outfit, we want to know why you were not wearing it??? Sending that poor woman into the swamp while you stood looking busy on higher ground, that's just not right.