Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Venus and Mars ????

OK Gang I read that a couple of times.... I guess all went well, best I can figure. I had been working on a Blog for today and it had a nice video of Jen working on a song which I thought was GREAT.. But changed my mind about posting that and some other photo's from Breezy Point. We did not grout today......we took a break and did a little shoppin at the dollar store, I got a hair cut or I got a Hair cut at the dollar store??? LOL Nope I got a good hair cut and it was not at the dollar store. After that we had lunch out and came home for a "Nap" that we both needed. Weather has been crazy here , sun out over there but dark rain clouds here. Then the sun comes out. Other then that all quiet .....Crock Pot been working all day and at some point Jen and I will have a nice dinner which was cooked for us in that Crock Pot. Or we might head back For another "Nap" Woooo-Hooo! And maybe no dinner, it's that kind of day, Just save it for another day. Rifle shots are being fired in the area and dogs are running for cover...Must be getting close to hunting season.........or dinner time. We watched "America's Got Talent" on NBC last night and I believe part two on tonight. We also watched the new show before that, cant recall the name of the show but it's about 7 families driving cross country in motor far it's seems OK......not sure yet. Next Saturday Jen and me volunteering at the Glove Theater, working the soda, food counter while an Elvis show preformed. Good to help out for a good cause. So that's about it for today, Til next time Gang..........Jerry

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