Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jennifer's Excellent Adventure

I am off to the Y today. There are only three days left until I ride for the Diabetes Association Tour de Cure in Saratoga Springs. Ten Miles! Thankfully, it is a bicycle ride so coasting is a big part of my training. Some of my other training has included Bejeweled Blitz on facebook (watch your back Michael!) When I should be out walking I find myself glued to the computer and playing this game which is taking up way to much time and alot of emotional energy. This is the big fear for our children, that video games will shrink their minds and their ability to function. Yes, its true. I should be ready for this bike ride, but I am woefully undertrained. The only thing going for me is that bike riding has been a big part of my life. As they say, once you learn you never forget. I am holding onto that credo and showing up Sunday at Saratoga Springs High School, which is adjacent to the state park. All in all, the ride should be a screaming success. Both because of the wonderful sponsors that I have (thank you thank you thank you!) and the wonderful program that has been set up by American Diabetes Association. I am going to finish this "tour" because at the end all riders are entitled to a free massage, donated by local chiropractors and masseuse(s) (what exactly is the plural for masseuse?) Did someone say FREE MASSAGE? Of course the irony that I would not so desperately need a massage if I hadn't just ridden 10 miles is not lost on me. I do get that. But a massage under any guise is totally worth it. Don't you agree? There are also other incentives like free T-Shirts, and everyone knows that another T-shirt with another worthy cause is something we all need. I love my T-Shirts. Another perk is that I get a special Red Shirt. I'm called a Red Rider because I have Type 1 Diabetes. Never has this diagnosis been more rewarding than right now, because these Red shirts are not just your average fund raising T-Shirt. No Sir. This is an authentic bicycle shirt, nylon, with all kinds of patches and endorsement graffiti all over it. This shirt screams "special". I want this shirt. Big Time. And the best incentive of all? I get to ride my bike for ten dedicated miles while being monitored and observed and checked on and cheered on and fed (free again!) and watered and hanging out with other like-minded individuals. People who are living every day with adversity, and doing something about it. There is always someone next to you who has a tougher road to ride and a bigger pill to swallow. It kind of gives you a reality kick in the pants, which we all need now and again. I know I do. There will be riders and friends and volunteers and family and we're all out there because it matters. Maybe just a little bit, but it matters. To those who helped me meet my fund raising goal, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made a difference. I ride because I can. In my case diabetes is a inherited family trait like red hair or blue eyes. We have alot of diabetics, and alot of people who care about us and for us. We are a family who gives their love, their money, their time and in one case, their body parts. You'd be amazed. I am, every day. And so I will ride. Compared to many that I know personally, this is truly a "walk in the park". And then I get a massage. I mean really, how hard can this be? I don't think Lance Armstrong subscribes to the Bejeweled Blitz Training program, but then, he doesn't have the support team that I have. Pictures in my red shirt will follow (much better than the alleged gardening outfit) Pray for sun. Pray for backwind. Pray for me.
If you haven't already donated to the cause, there is still time! Go to and click on the Tour de Cure Link. I am riding in Saratoga Springs, NY. Thank you all! Bon Voyage!
Sponsoring a Rider is Easy! Step 1: Select the state for the Tour event in which the rider is registered. Step 2: Click the Sponsor link next to the Tour event in which the rider is registered. Step 3: Search for the rider you would like to support and click on his/her name. Step 4: When ready to donate, click the "Sponsor Me" button on the rider's personal Web page.

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Jen, Good Luck... I'm sure Jerry will post some great pics.