Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brrrrrrrrr, still

We are ready to farm. Vegetables that is. We spent yesterday picking up the necessary supplies in order to plant a substantial vegetable garden. Plants, seeds, tomato cages, etc. It's nice to feel so wise, because we did choose to heed the warnings of the local people and not put any fragile plants in the ground until this late. On the evening of May 31, there was a frost. That's right, May 31. We got up on the morning of June 1 and the temperature read 34 degrees. Pellet stove, flannel PJ's and wool socks. Not exactly planting weather, but getting there. The wind storm on Sunday was so bad that friends of ours who live lakeside lost their docks. Just blew them away. So far, we are experiencing a really rugged spring. Just as we were told this past winter was the most severe that had occurred in a long time, this spring is turning out to be much the same. Hopefully, that will change soon. I want to get that pasture reseeded and I'm waiting for less wind and cold. Crazy days. School is winding down, as is Allison's ability to get up in the morning. Always by June, it is universal - School has lost it's charm. Wether you're a teacher or a student, no difference. Time for school to end. Our summer is getting booked with family and friends, which is a good thing. If you're not on that schedule, call us. We'd love to see you. And the plan is that by July we'll have some summer weather. Just in case, bring your wool socks.

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