Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh no. Clearly, I must have bicycle shorts. Now I'm intimidated. Have you ever seen someone wearing bicycle shorts? This is not a look I ever dreamed of emulating. And now, I feel somewhat committed to "walking the walk". If I'm going to do this thing, I must have the right "costume" so to speak. Unfortunately, this is not a costume I'm looking forward to. Unless they come with padded butts, I was planning on wearing a little more protection in the rear department. The only thing more sore than the legs after a long bike ride is the butt. Wal Mart carries gel seats and I'm seriously considering making this investment. But Bicycle shorts? I wear them all the time underneathi stuff, because nothing holds the insulin pump more secure than a pair of bicycle shorts. TMI? Sorry. My point is, I never intended to wear them ALONE. This is an 80's look that died a logical and necessary death. It wasn't a good look on anyone. OK, there may be three or four people in the world who carried this look well. I was not one of them. I'm less so now, in my fabulous 50s. Fabulous never meant wearing bicycle shorts. It is more of a personality attitude thing. My alternative would be sweat pants. That's not a good look either. But may be better. This is a conundrum of immense proportions. What do I wear? As any women (and some men I know) will tell you, It's all about the outfit. Not necessarily when you're hanging at home (reference the gardening pics), but when you're heading out for a day among people, generally you put a little thought into the garments. Generally. It doesn't have to be a big deal, but bicycle shorts raises this humiliation thing to a new level. I can tell you this, whatever I am wearing beneath my Red Rider T-Shirt, there will be some filtering going on in the photography department. Heads up Jerry - FROM THE WAIST UP ONLY! Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

OH Baby!!!!!!! Bicycle Pants......, One word,Oh Baby... Who does not like them on the most , best, bestes, most greatest.
Good Luck Jen..Who Loves Ya Baby?????

Anonymous said...

Jen, your gardening outfit was all over the internet. And your worried about bike shorts?? I guarantee no one will remember your bike shorts at a biking event. The gardening outfit....well that's a different story.