Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dr. Will

We've been to the vet a few times this week, and we'll be going again today as it turns out that Jake may have some thyroid problems. This might explain his "laid back" attitude. It's a common thing to come upon at his age. We took both him and Bailey to the vet on Tuesday, for shots to update their records, and left Daphne at home because she is already up to date. I thought she would be thrilled to have the place to herself. Wrong. So wrong. She had a huge chip on her shoulder when we got back. Now I realize that for all she knows, we went out for ice cream and dancing, but what was remarkable was her ability to make me feel GUILT for not bringing her. She spent the day basically ignoring us, and at bedtime, she slept on the couch. All night. When I came out in the morning, she looked at me, and then pointedly looked away. Ouch. Point taken. There isn't much I can do about it though. When we go to the vet, it is basically one dog per person, which is why their innoculation schedules are different. We can't handle three dogs at the vet. Anywhere else is fine. No problem. The vet is another story. Too much "activity" there. Bailey was anxious to get back in on Tuesday. He is operating on steroids, so everything is upped a notch. He likes people and new smells,and leading up to the door at the vets office, he was clearly looking to make some new friends. At breakneck speed. I almost fell because the "helpful" collar with the prongs isn't being used right now, due to his neck issue. So basically, I have no control. He is, at 66 pounds, stronger than I am. I guess he works out more. When we got inside, he didn't seem to remember his last traumatic visit. Just all "hi how are ya?" at the desk there. We got into the examination room with both of them, and he still was just smelling away. Having a lovely time. When Jen the assistant came in, the tail was wagging, he was a most happy fella. Then the door opened and Dr. Will came in. I was sure he would be a little skittish, but no, again he was just fine (Bailey I mean). Hello, hello, hello. Nice to see you. Wag Wag Wag. We all chatted a bit and he examined the "hot spot" on Bailey's neck. Healing nicely, but needed another shave to allow the ointment to be applied directly to the area. He reached in the drawer and pulled out the electric shearing tool. Screeeech, halt, everything stopped wagging and memory kicked in. Oh No! I could see it on Bailey's face. Not THIS guy! This was bad. Under the bench he went and laid very very still. I don't think we give dogs enough credit for using their brains. This was clearly a "lay low and he'll go away" moment. He wasn't making eye contact and was suddenly breathing very very quietly. Obviously in a ploy to make this whole day go away. Not so lucky. Jerry and Jen and Dr. Will got him shaved without much incident. I was holding onto Jake to keep his nose and opinion out of the mix. I was looking away because I'm not so good with medical procedures. I heard no whining or crying or screaming from Bailey. I was breathing a little heavy, because I was getting a little freaked again, but he was fine. Once that was over, they applied a little ointment and he dove under the bench to finish out the visit. Once he got his shots, he really was done, and just lay there watching Jake and making no attempt to visit with anyone. As I said, laying low was his goal. Mission accomplished. Jake was taken in the other room to have blood drawn, and when he came back he seemed no worse for it. Everyone is in essentially good shape, notwithstanding some arthritis issues and fatty calcium deposits. Good dogs. We knew that. Daphne thinks she missed a good ole time. She seems to have gotten over it though, because last night she was in her old spot at the bottom of the bed. Just as though nothing had occurred. She showed us didn't she? Wait until she finds out that Jake has to go back today. He needs more blood drawn to check his T4 levels (thyroid) and treat a urinary tract infection. He was up and down all night, I guess with the urge to go, and not having any success. He'll be better as soon as we get some meds in him. Poor guy. He WILL get ice cream when I take him back to the vet. Having blood drawn sucks. Just don't tell Daphne. Let her think we went out dancing.

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