Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogs been Slow,Life Busy

Well Gang.... This Blog has been slow since Jen is down on the Island helping out with a Charity Show. Ali and I are here holding down the fort with the dogs. We have also have Brian here since Sunday. Here til Thursday..Taking his E.M.T. test in Albany Thursday night. The roofers have finished.....Now we are waiting for some rain.....!!! I know that rain is a dirty word for many of our family and friends but I would like to know if the roof that we paid for works!!!! Ali has just about started her summer vacation....Just some tests here and there this week, no normal classes. P.J.'s are her wardrobe of the day now a days. Sleeping in too. For some unknown reason she was up this morning at 6 am....go figure. Seems that this place appears to be , "The Place To Be " this summer as dates are being booked left and right. If you are planning a summer vacation here...time to get on the stick and get Jen to write you into the calender . Any thoughts about "Fall" ???? Time to, Getter Done! Speaking of Fall I think I saw our Thanksgiving's Turkey walking across the pasture yesterday. Last weekend Jen and I drove down to the Island in two cars ( Anyone want to pay our gasoline bill?) as Jen was staying down on the Island longer then me to help out with that show . After we arrived on the Island, we dropped off Ali for her visit with her dad. That same day, in one car we drove to my mothers house in P.A. for the weekend to help out around her house with some chores and making house ready for summer. I also brought a trailer down so that I could bring back to the ADK'S her Lawn Tractor that she does not use any more. After helping out mom we headed back to Long Island with Trailer in tow on Sunday. Ali finished up her visit with her dad Sunday afternoon and now with Trailer in tow Ali and I headed north Back to Caroga Lake, Jen staying behind to help out with the show. 714 Miles this weekend I drove pulling that trailer. Brian , Dan & I did a bee removal on soon as I get the pictures from Brian I'll post them. He did Good for his 1st one. That's about it for me, that I can recall.....I'm sure that I missed a lot as Blog heading states, Life been busy. Jen ,"Break a Leg" with the Show, Brian and Ali Good Luck with your tests. I'm sure Jen will have many pictures to post. Don't forget Fathers Day this Sunday, I heading Back to the Island, so that Ali can have Fathers Day with her Dad. I might get there in time on friday to make the show that Jen's in and snap off a few shots. Til Next time Gang........Jerry

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