Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A post of No Substance!!!!!

Well Gang I guess that It's time to post again. Been checking and getting a lot of hits from Bayville and no new posts, so here goes. Who ever you are it looks like you like it and want more. Jen inspired me the other Day with her TOURdeCURe, so while out shopping at Walmart I picked up a bike. A Black Schwinn....21 speed mountain bike kinda thing. This is a photo from the Internet of the 1st bike I ever purchased in the late 60'...early 70's mine was Blue. A Schwinn Varsity Photobucket I saw one of these the other day at the TOURdeCURE but it was Orange. I wanted to speak to the owner but I could never locate him that day....His or Her Bike sure did bring back memories for me.. Before driving a car, that BIKE was my freedom, I rode it every where. To the Miracle Mile ( See that Billy Joel Song), To school and friends houses. To the Beach and fishing. I was gone in the morning and returned at night when the Street lights came on...Time for Dinner. I paid less then $100.00 back then. This is the" New Memory Maker" from Walmart ( I'm Retired...Can't afford a Bike from the Big Name Stores..LOL) Photobucket That helmet thing is going to take some time too!!! Took it for a short spin the other day and it was like I never got off my old Schwinn. This one is not a Varsity like my old one, this one is called the "Old Fat Bastard!!!" I do Make Myself laugh!!!! (Watch this guy laugh for 15 seconds and tell me that he doesn't make you laugh too) Photobucket I going back for the Gel seat cause after a very short ride I know that I need one! I'm getting ready to Ride with Jen next year, TOURdeCURE 2010...Who else is going to step up to the plate and ride with us? Maybe the 25 Mile route. Well seems I am running out of stuff to Blog about today, They are still working on the roof...Gotta be near a month that that's been happening. We visited the cottage yesterday and sold off some of the vintage kitchen gear and now it looks like the old rockers might be going in a couple days.. Waiting for the boys to make it up here and help level out the cottage before I can start on the inside...Hurry up here guys...Soon this old cottage will be helping you out while trying to afford a cheap summer vacation with the family. Til Next time Gang....Jerry

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