Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Well Gang, the rain made it here to Caroga Lake, Now I know what everyone has been complaining about. Seems that the roof is not leaking and a good job was done replacing it. With the rain came Dankness and lower temperatures , 56 degrees so I turned on the pellet stove to take away the dampness, we went to bed with most of the windows open last night. Ali just left for school, one test today then back home at 2 or in this case she is off to her friends house down the road to hang out, Bus dropping her off. Brian and I have been going over his test questions , EMT-B test tonight in Albany...Good Luck. Watching Golf on T.V. and coverage at the Bethpage Black(L.I.) course and seems like in rain delay . Seems Brian getting a little home sick...Missing his girl friend, Ashly Poo. He is stuck inside of the house with me and the dogs. We used the time to do test questions but that gets old very fast. Seems like he has so much EMT stuff in his head and it's just falling out and hoping that he does not lose it before the test... The garden is enjoying the rain and plants are just bursting out of the ground. Nothing is ready to be consumed yet except some of the lettuce . After dropping Ali off for her test I stopped by the bee yard and seems they all are inside just keeping out of the rain , watching t.v. , playing cards and drinking Mead. Honey Bee Pictures, Images and Photos So that's it from the North Country.... Til Next Time Gang.......Jerry

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