Monday, May 11, 2009

The Roofers are Here! The Roofers are Here!

7:40 AM and the roofers arrived. THIS is customer service! We are now examining siding samples (none of which are moving me) because as each piece of the house gets finished, a decision needs to be made about the next step. And the next step is siding. A permanent decision which is causing me no angst whatsoever, because we are pretty clear on what we want. Lincoln Logs. Remember Lincoln Logs? The first thing I remember about Lincoln Logs was being horrified when I became a parent and went to buy them for Jackie. Expensive! I am hoping that the siding does not follow suit. We have the green roof being built, now I just want plain old dark brown siding. Jerry and I both like the classic cabin look, and that's what we're hoping to find. Today's samples were not there. Now that the contractor is a little clearer about what we're looking for, hopefully, he'll bring it tomorrow. The dogs are at the boarder still, which is good news for the roofer, because they won't have to listen to the barking all day every time they hammer a nail. Good plan. Totally not planned, but a good plan. If we had planned to pick up the dogs last night, we would have been saying "bad plan". But this worked out in the good plan kind of way. I love when any plan works, especially one that wasn't my plan. I wasn't even clear that the roofers were planning on being here at 7:30 a.m. Their plan, not mine. Am I making myself clear?
A happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's, Grandmothers, Godmothers, step-Mothers, new Mothers and Heart-Mother's. You rock!

We rocked it at laMotta's Brunch on beautiful Manhasset Bay, so that Walter could slide into our table while working. It was a beautiful and sunny day and I am still walking around with a silly smile on my face, because when we're all together, it is a laugh and a half. I think it is the first time that we have all been together for Mother's Day, and although we were missing Jesse and Mike (sorry guys!) we had a blast. And sitting next to us?

The famous O'Neils and our fabulous friend Sue with her date Stevie! It was the place to be for the happiest of Moms. I was. I am. Thank you all.

So far, May is turning out to be my favorite month this year. The buds here are finally blooming, and I received a new seed spreader from Allison, which I am anxious to try out on the pasture this week. Maybe with the fancy spreader the seed will take this time. I'm thinking we were robbed by the birds, who are now being fed in the front of the house in feeders. Maybe NOW they'll leave the pasture seed alone. Ya think? Enjoy the day - whatever your plan!

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