Friday, May 8, 2009

Last night I crashed a little early. I'm better for it today. The dogs go to the boarder today, which is tough, but they enjoy themselves there too. We have to pass through Paletine Bridge to get there (Amish Country) and so may find ourselves with more to see and write about. We can only hope right? It's hard to believe that spring is finding us with less to do than winter was, but everyone is on hold right now with the weather (rain). At least in the winter time Jerry was moving the snow around. This time of year we are simply watching the grass grow. The next few weeks are busy ones, with benefits and graduations (Go Brian!). 2009 has developed into the year of the road trip. I've been choreographing for a show in Breezy and keeping my mind busy, but I'm ready to break out of this mold and do something wild! I might take on the Tour for the Cure (Diabetes) which is a bicycle race in Saratoga. I have to get further details, but it is June 6 and if I can get enough sponsors I may participate. It's a good cause and will get us out biking. Again. I will have to train somewhat, so off to the Y! Then again, I may just write that check for donation and leave it at that. It totally depends on the weather. I try to be an asset to these programs, not a liability (Biker down! We need an ambulance here!) I can sometimes be a little high maintenance. I do see the sun peeking out this morning, which is unusual. This is the time of year we used to get here after a two or three month hiatus. Little did we know then what type of winter and spring we had missed. It looks so benign out there. Ha. The black flies seem to have moved on. No new bites this week. They don't call them "no see ums" for nothing. Little tiny dots that fly. Ouch. Who knew? I have a few welts that are remarkable in size and ferocity for such a little thing. I'm still waiting to see my first bee of the year. They are not hovering near the house at all, so I have missed them, but there are some flowering bushes behind the house in the gulley and that is probably where they are finding their sweets. My new sweet is a Root Beer Float. I go through stages and concentrate on one thing for awhile and then move on. A root beer float is perfect, and the ice cream here is incredibly good. Washburns Ice Cream is manufactured right here in Gloversville and I think their stock has done remarkably well since we moved here. Well, gotta go watch the grass grow! Time's a wastin!

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