Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Driver's Education-Amish Style

6:00 AM. These guys (and girl) are too much! The roofers are back and doing a bang-up job (literally). Allison was up early, Daphne was up early, all because the roofers are banging on. . . the roof. Who knew the solution was so simple? We just needed staff to start banging on the roof and everyone gets up on time! I love this! Yesterday, we went to the boarder in Paletine Bridge to pick up our three dogs, and what a welcome it was! It is always so rewarding to be greeted by your dogs, because their emotions are so transparent. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU! WE MISSED YOU! LET ME KISS YOU ON THE LIPS! Well, not so much, but you get the idea. They were glad to see us! But clearly they are happy there too, and that makes us very glad. It's hard enough to leave your best friend behind, but knowing they are having a good time takes the curse off that. Driving along route 10 through Amish country, I was reminded of our trip there on Friday morning, dropping off the dogs. We were coming along one of the side roads and around the corner, on one wheel, came a Amish buggy that was clearly not in control. I wouldn't say it was "out of control", but "not in full control" is what comes to mind. It was literally taking this corner on one wheel. There were two people inside the buggy. One was an older gentleman, which I know because of the white beard. He was holding onto the side of the buggy, and the front bar that holds the reins. He wasn't holding the reins, but just hanging on for dear life. The other was driving the buggy. I couldn't tell the age, although it was clearly a much younger man (or teenager?). They righted the buggy on the straightaway, but were flying along on the wrong side of the road, which neccessitated Jerry moving to HIS wrong side of the road, so that we could pass each other without crashing. It all happened so fast that we were kind of stunned for a moment. The two horses were literally galloping in front of the buggy. It was not safe. The first thing that came to my mind was "driver's ed". Clearly this was a similar situation to that of Allison and I learning/teaching her to maneuver the car in the driveway. We took this on a few weeks ago, because I believe that learning to drive takes more time than the alloted one year that they allow between permit and license. So, we're starting now. That being said, I was surprised, as I always am, when a teenager gets in the car and is not clear where the gas/breaks/ lights/wipers/ directionals/ anything but the radio is. I just always assume that after spending literally 14 years looking over my shoulder as we cavort around the world that something would have been retained. Nope. When I was young (way back when) the middle seat in the back was the place for me, because then I could watch everything going on up front. I knew where we were going, and how we got there. I was a professional observer. Not so my children. The boys were a little more comfortable in the car when starting to drive, because their first time in the car driving with me was probably not their first time as drivers, but that is another story for another day. But the girls were a little less comfortable. Which is why I am starting in the driveway now. This will take time. And I have no intention of taking any corners on two wheels. Ever. I have to say that the Amish Elder was taking it all in stride. I guess this was not his first "lesson". I could probably learn a few things from him. Allison was much more in control than that Amish teenager, so thankfully for me I didn't have to hold on for dear life. I think starting in the driveway is a wise choice though, don't you?


Jack said...

didn't you total Grama & Grampa's car on the way home from passing your drivers test?

FarmerJen said...

It was NOT on the way home. It was just a few minutes after I received my passing paperwork in the mail. Minutes. My point exactly. I needed more experience!