Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Long weekend

The highlight of my long and crazy weekend was seeing Brian graduate. It is a great feeling to see the kids when they achieve their goals, and this was a biggie. We are, as always, proud. It's a good thing, as Martha Stewart says. That's the only thing she says that I really pay any attention to. Her housekeeping tips - not so much. I was here and there this weekend. All of it fun. Keeping up with the girls from Breezy is a challenge, to be sure. We are all working towards the Parish show on June 18th and 19th (tickets available here, of course, just e-mail me) and the tap number will be spectacular. We always have such a great time there. It's a bit like Brigadoon. If you didn't know it was there, in the middle of Brooklyn, you'd never know. Marianne and I made our annual trek there to start off the rehearsals, only this year, due to my employment status, we were able to make it a day trip, instead of a crazy rush after leaving work. I started off at Clint and Joanne's (as always, the host's with the most's) worked my way past Maryanne Jacobi's for a quick three cups of coffee and some gos. Then on to Manhasset for some retail therapy and meeting up with Marianne there. We did a little damage and worked our way into Bayside to pick up the third Muskateer, Maryellen. After deciding to take my car because at this point I was living out of it and afraid to leave anything behind. We moved onto Breezy Point, Long Island. It's always great to see the dance group and it is a reminder that summer is on our heels. Literally. I was wearing flip flops and MY FEET WERE NOT COLD. The changes in weather from upstate to downstate never cease to amaze me. You are having summer there. Wow. We're just getting growth on the trees here, and you're having a tropical heat wave. I never realized what 240 miles could do to the weather. Anyway. . . After dancing all night at the Colony Theater (and having a rather dramatic but non-emergency insulin reaction) we headed back to Bayside, singing all the way. It was good to be back with the girls. The slumber party in Bayside ended at 7;30 AM with Maryellen headed to Canyon Ranch spa in Florida, and me headed back upstate. The traffic at 7;30 AM was not bad at all, and I was home by lunch time. All in all, a successful trip. Except for the French Vanilla. I tried three separate 7-11's on the island, all with the intent of treating myself to the French Vanilla machine, which is a whopping 9 units of insulin in order for me to have that. I used to have one each morning on my way to work, and it is the one thing, besides family and friends, that I would like to take from Long Island to upstate. Three separate 7-11, three separate machines, three separate "out of order" signs. What a huge disappointment. The fourth 7-11 which I didn't even count was along Bell Boulevard in Bayside, and I was unable to find a parking spot to even get in there. They probably were "in order". My luck and my insulin were on the same page. No French Vanilla for me. This time. I guess I just have to go back. As we speak Jerry is over at the bee yard removing the swarm he picked up last night. They spent the night in the car and will be transferred this morning to an empty beehive. He's crazy. next trip to Long island, we take MY car. I'm not sharing the front seat with any bees.

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