Friday, May 22, 2009


Yesterday was glorious. Plain and Simply, glorious. The weather hit 84 in the shade which meant I was completely in my element. Jerry not so much. We did stop short of turning on the AC, but he suffered in the afternoon. We cleaned up the porch and placed the Amish hickory furniture. We got some plantings in hung the baskets. The table area was cleared and swept and that's where we had lunch. The sky was so blue and clear, and with the campfire going, the bugs were kept at bay. Eric came to mow the grass (long story, no mower) and we look finally like spring is really here. Mowing the grass is a big job, and one that Jerry enjoys. Our tractor is on the fritz for the moment, and this was an immediate solution. Our new pasture seed arrived yesterday, and I am waiting to put it down until we're due a few days of rain. Right now the bare spots are very bare, and I'm not sharing with the birds. That will be next week sometime. Our Memorial Day weekend is turning out to have some nice plans, and we're looking forward to the three days off for Allison. Kayaks are calling! Enjoy your three days off, and remember the vets. Thanks Dad. (veteran of the Korean conflict). Another lousy day in Paradise. . .

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