Monday, May 18, 2009

Brian's Graduation

Brian's Graduation was Sunday past , 5/17 at SUNY Farmingdale, L.I. Brian graduated with a Bachelor's Degree, with Honors...Way to go Brian!!! The key note speaker was Senator Chuck Schumer , very inspirational he was. Brian's class was I think about 500 students and it took about 2 1/2 hours. We are very proud of you Brian. Brian is booked in for next fall for his Masters I would put up some pictures but the camera is still with Jen down on Long Island as she is doing that Breezy point thing I mentioned in my last post. So if you read between the lines. we drove down on different days and in different cars, Jen coming home on Tuesday night. A lot of miles for us and ..."Whats up with the price of gas the last week or so?" Was good to see everyone on Sunday, I got there late Saturday evening , Stayed at Clint & Joannes...Thanks Joanne. Roofers did good over the weekend and some more metal up on the roof. Nobody here today but contractor says that they will be back on Tuesday . Dan and Jenny stayed here with the dogs while I was down on the Island. Sunday the dogs all appeared to having a problem with diarrhea which as luck would have it,,,, On the Carpet and not on the hard wood floors...When I got home Dan was using his rug cleaning machine on the carpets. Seems best I can figure it was a change in dog food that we made from Walmart...."Dad's Brand" {Not our Normal Brand} Seems that we have turned the corner on the diarrhea and everyone is getting better...! Thank god, remember we have 3 dogs here in the house and all sick. Carpet was and is getting replaced at some point.....But not just yet. This may speed it up. Ali & I here Holding down the Fort with the dogs, Jen reports that she is having a great time doing what she is doing for the Breezy Point Show, after the reports of the goings on here she may extend her plans for a few more days. Come home Jen.....We Miss You! I hear that after the photo that I posted of her gardening and the ribbing that she got she may stay a little longer and get those, Proper Gardening Clothes that they have at Macy's. thanks guys.. Notice...Anybody that made comments about what she was wearing in those photos, Busted her shoes.....Needs to send $$$$$$ to help retired Jerry pay for them. You Know Who You Are! I was very satisfied with what she was wearing! Any how She sounds happy over the phone and trying to reinvent herself into a Rockette at Breezy Point or at least a Sing Rockette.... Next stop Radio City...Go Jen! Thats all to report here Gang....Jerry Go Yankees!

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Anonymous said...

Jerry, You know you thought the same thing we did !!! WTF is she wearing, only we are safe behind our computers and we are able to point out her attire free of harm. Keep those pics coming buddy, we can't wait to see the
swim wear line.......