Friday, May 15, 2009

Home Alone with the Dogs!

Well gang it's been a few days since I last posted so here it is. Jen & Ali Just left a few hours ago for Long Island, Ali to visit with her Dad, Jen visiting with family and helping her friends in Breezy Point write a show, Think that's Brooklyn NY. A lovely area down by JFK Airport, on the beach. Her friend Maryellen lives there over the summer months and has been doing the show for many years. If you know "Red Stocking Revue" it's sort of a mini RSR, from what I have seen over the years, just as much fun. Jen has been writing songs and dance numbers for weeks and the house and car has been filled with music....Show tune music. Good luck Girls and Guys....With Jen helping, Maryellen's direction and the talented crew at Breezy, you cant miss . Not sure if Jen will be dancing but I hope she sings a song or two . Brian will be Graduating this Sunday from SUNY Farmingdale and we are so proud of him,...Good Job! On to your Masters. We are sure that what ever you do in life , you will be successful. I will be taking the trip down and up for the event all in the same day, friends will be staying at our house to watch with the dogs, Dan & Jenny. Pictures to follow. As Jen has been posting the new roof is going on and we are glad to see work being done. Other then some rain here and there, weather has been great and we are looking forward to seeing family and friends up here in the North Country. The hour is getting late for me and the to watch the Yankees beat the Twins Til next Time Gang.....Jerry

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