Friday, May 15, 2009

Slow day in the mountains

We have a new crew out there. Working like dogs. I guess that is what a few frantic phone calls to the owner will do for you. We are top job on the list of things to do. I love it! I'm happy. The skylights are coming out, the roof work is continuing, and the sun is shining. I understand they will be working straight through the weekend. Soon we will be adding the metal sheets and you will see Green! This progress is great. We're so over the old roof. It's color and it's shortcomings. We are still in a siding flux, but that will have to wait until next week. Congratulations to Brian, who is graduating Farmingdale college this weekend. High five big guy. You rock!
The foliage here filled in overnight. We now look like downstate in that spring has truly sprung! Finally! The temps are not what they could be but hey, who is? We're watching the ambush makeovers on the Today show, and I'm validated over and over again. Hair and makeup matters. As we know from previous photos, just go out once on a bad hair day and it will haunt you forever. Forever. I have been making sure every day that I have some type of order going on from the neck up. I went to the gym yesterday and actually put makeup on. God forbid someone catch me looking like, well, like me. Can't have that can we? All kidding aside, it's a girl thing for sure, but the older I get, the less I am willing to skimp on "beauty supplies". I may cut a corner here or there, but I'm not going off course ever again. Ever. Again. Can they do ambush makeovers from 240 miles away? Oh well, I'll have to clean up my act on my own.
Bailey is freaking out over the roofers. He is not the supreme watch dog. He is a coward. Plain and simple. When a loud noise occurs his eyes glaze over and he heads for the corner behind the recliner. Not that it's safe there, because Daphne does follow him. She gives him a hard time just because. Every so often he snaps at her because she can be a bit annoying. But then the look on his face is sheer terror, like "oh my God, what was I thinking?". He then moves to the corner position again and waits for her to kill him. That's what he's expecting. I don't know his history or where he came from, but someone put the fear of God into him. Now we're just trying to make him feel secure. There's alot of cookies involved in that process. For both of us. They are different cookies, to be sure. But cookies nonetheless. Don't you just love comfort food?

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