Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bat Guano

It's here. The bat hiding places have been exposed, and I'm a little freaked. Actually, alot freaked. The points of entry are nearer to me than I would have guessed. The good news is that these points are being closed up fast and furious, but they were there. They leave behind their calling card, Guano, which in english means "poop". Bat Poop. It's gross. But now it's gone. As it should be. Replacing the entire roof is a rather drastic means of eradicating the bat, but if this is what works, this is what we'll do. I have purchased a new pizza peel, just so the old peel can remain a weapon. Laws be damned! It's me or the bat, and I'm ready for them! The roofers are working their way to the south side of the house, and have picked a perfect day for that. Tanning and working at the same time. I do see the beauty of that job. The roof is coming along swimmingly, and Jerry will be posting pics today, I'm sure of it. The old skylights have been removed, and we will be recycling those as a roof for a covered herb garden, which will be a beautiful thing next March when we're still having snow and I'm dying to get my garden started. The whole house looks different, which is a thrill. We're still waiting on siding samples, which is making me a little anxious. Doing the roof first without knowing your siding color is kind of like buying shoes before you have your dress. Next thing you know, your outfit (house) will have the same panache as the gardening outfit I wore last week. A bit scary. And Permanent. So I'm a little anxious to see the siding samples and get something picked out, just so I can visualize in my mind.
We've actually left the front door open so the screen is allowing in warm air. WARM AIR! It is a slow process, but spring is making its way to us, little by little. We are happy about that. I went into Johnstown yesterday for a little retail therapy, and sure enough, it's spring down there! Only eight miles away, but a million miles of weather differences. They're having a tulip festival in Albany, and we're still watching the trees bud. It's amazing to me. As you can see, I'm rambling somewhat. We could even call it babbling. But after seeing all the bat evidence, I'm just a bit rattled. I'm questioning what else I have been missing? Well, I had missed Allison's room, and was treated to that sight this morning, as the skylights were being removed. We had to go up there and cover the opening. Wow, what a mess!
Dear Allison, As the first thing you do when you get home from school is sign onto the computer, as soon as you read this, please sign off and go upstairs and do something about your room, before Jerry pops a cork. It's bad, even for me who is pretty darn understanding about teenagers rooms. And by the way, there was alot of Bat Guano in the attic by your room. I'm thinking that your room was so filthy they were feeling quite at home. Clean it please? Now? Thanks ever so much. Love Mom
What are the odds that message will be acted upon? Feel free to place your bets at 1-800-CrazyMom.
So, another day in Paradise. I just went outside to confer with the roofers regarding soffit material (aren't I just a wealth of info?), and I went, without shame, in my robe and PJ's. I scare myself sometimes. Maybe today I'll do some gardening. I'll think on that for awhile. Enjoy the day!
Update: LOS ANGELES — A burglar alarm led police to Lindsay Lohan's house on Tuesday, where officers found evidence of a potential break-in and ransacking. Turns out, the mess belonged to Lohan, not the burglars, police said.
I don't often feel for Dinah, but this time, I get it.

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