Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We are experiencing after-wedding exhaustion. All I have been able to do is sleep since we came home from the reception on Sunday evening. We had the most incredible and amazing time, but first I will address a few anonymous comments (which I always love!):
1. Jerry doesn't need to powerwash the wood-chipper. I do enough damage on my own. I fell UP the stairs coming into the house on Monday afternoon. I had NOTHING to drink and was holding only the weekend mail that had been ignored in the mailbox. I came up to the stairs and fell - up. I have no good reason. I can only say, I don't know why. Apparently, when I'm tired, I'm clumsy. I must be tired alot. I look like someone came after me with a baseball bat. Jerry says I'm not allowed to walk outside alone anymore. We'll see. Glad this was AFTER the wedding! Makeup is one thing but I need traction!
2. Did we forget anything? Just clothes. I got to the hotel room on Friday and had been so stressed about making sure we had the dresses and the shoes and all the accessories necessary to put ourselves together for a wedding, that when I opened my suitcase to unpack for the weekend, I realized that I had not packed anything else. I had a beautiful gown and lovely matching shoes, but no jeans, t shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, etc. No play clothes. None. Just a bathing suit. So, off to Macy's we went. What's a wedding without drama?
Enough of the comment reparte' -
What a spectacular day! After a weekend of miserable, cold, wet and windy weather, we woke up Sunday to blue skies and comfortable warm temperatures. A glorious day. The bride was stunning, not because her dress and hair and make up was perfect (and they were!), but because she was shining from within! Her smile was brighter than anything else. It was fun to watch them enjoy their day, because that is what they did. All their preparation and planning paid off because they just let go of the details and had a ball. As it should be:
I am having a hard time writing because I keep thinking of more and more details that were just amazing, and I don't know how to put into words the feelings that we were experiencing all day. Jerry was so elegant and proud as he walked Nicole down the aisle, and I looked at all our kids up there supporting Nicole and Michael and was just so proud of all of them. As he said during his speech at the reception, this "crazy quilt" that is our family is an amazing group of wonderful people. We are blessed. I will just keep adding pictures as they "upload" because that really says it all. These are just a few as the day went on. Enjoy.
The Siblings:
More pictures will follow - I always have fewer pictures when there is something BIG going on, because I prefer to "be in the moment" rather than snapping pics. So my lack of photos only means we were not missing a thing. That's what photographers are for! Trust me, it was a wise choice for us!

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Jen & Jerry, congrats...looked like a beautiful wedding. Jen, you looked terrific in that dress....I knew you would forget something !!!!