Thursday, April 9, 2009

I feel like we live in a snow globe and someone keeps shaking us! More snow! Yesterday, the sander came by - he was driving the street cleaner last week! WTF?
Whew! I don't bounce back the way I used to, no pun intended, because bouncing is my problem. After having bounced off the porch steps, I look like a bruised banana, and each bruise is accompanied by serious ouches. Trust me, I hurt. I'm still looking at all the wedding pictures with a smile on my face. I was looking forward to a little down time, but Easter is upon us already. How did I hold down a full time job? I have no time for that now! We are busy socializing and recuperating from our socializing. I slept in a little late this morning, just because I could, and woke to a message from Jerry that he is off to the log guy for more window mouldings. He is a busy guy. Jerry I mean, not the moulding guy. I don't know if he's busy or not. But these mouldings should finish off the first floor. I have been procrastinating about the permits for the livestock, because we have been so busy and I want to be able to have a full-blown wallowing-in-it breakdown if they tell us no, so I needed to book that meeting when there is nothing else happening. That has not occurred yet. I'm looking at May as a better option. We will think on that some more. . .
Anyway, I said I'd share more pictures, so, here they are:
I'm still trying to find a picture of Jerry and I together because I'm sure one is out there, but we were both sharing the same camera and so. . . these things happen.

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