Thursday, April 16, 2009

Must be getting old!

Well gang..... I must be getting old....after Roto Tilling the garden yesterday my back and arms are killing me. Never used a Roto Tiller before but it always looked easy to use on TV! Well it's like trying to hold back a team of horses pulling forward... if you don't hold it back it wont dig in, it will just ride along on top of the soil. So you gotta hold back... my fore arms this morning feel like the Hulks . It's in and I getting reports on what type of cold weather plants you can put in now. The sun is shining here and temps are going to get into the 60's. Gotta get going , some chores to be done before Yankees opening day festivities at Noon , Time to go , I'm not going to respond to the Negative , Hope ya feel better soon. Til next time Gang ...............Jerry

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