Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, sort of. I feel like one large germ, but little by little i'm getting back on my feet. Yesterday I spent moving my sore and tired body from the living room (catch up shows of "In Treatment") to the bedroom, where I took a few Nyquil and called it a day at 3 PM. It's a tough road here to be sick, because Jerry bounces back much quicker then I do, and then proceeds to be full of energy and "let's get caught up here - too much time laying around" to the point where I would like to whack him with the pizza peel, if I only had enough energy. When I get sick, I like to BE sick until I am not sick anymore. This requires nerves of steel around here, because when Jerry is sick, he continues to attempt to do things, not well, but making the effort. This just means that those of us who are not sick (at that time) are going to be coming in contact with his germs, undoing those things which he has done poorly, or explaining to him that he should be getting lots of rest and lots of liquids. He does none of these, and falls back into bed wondering why he does not feel better. AAArrrrrggh. When I am sick, I AM SICK. I have no intention of trying to half-heartedly step up to the plate and get things sort of done. I cancel, quit and drop out like nobodys business. I wallow in it. What can I say, it works for me. At this moment, Jerry is vacuuming the living room, which by the way, is where the computer is. Under my feet and around the desk. Just in case I hadn't noticed. He's a great guy. A bit of a clean freak, but a great guy. Yesterday he called me out to the north side of the property to decide where our vegetable garden was going to be, so he could rototill it. We both stated our case, which was as always, a different case, and then proceeded to mark it and measure it differently. We are operating here with left brain/right brain tendencies. Instead of that making a complete brain, it makes for constant arguing and disagreement as to what we are seeing. We ultimately got it done, but not without much head shaking and bewilderment. He did a bangup job, and soon we will have a vegetable garden to rival that of any amish farmer. Just as soon as I can get out of bed, I will give him a hand.

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Anonymous said...

O.M.G. I cant believe You. I wish my husband would clean or get off his butt and do some work around the house. Between football games, baseball and online betting and who knows what else. I would take your husband in a second.
Does he read the stuff you put out about him? I have been reading this blog for a while and I just had to comment. Where did you find him or just cut him loose , let me know and I will be abused by his behavior. Wake up.