Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Garden Almost Ready for Plants

Well Gang.. We worked hard today, Picked up some fence for the Garden down at Agway supply. We used metal posts that I had left from the Bee yard. Our 17 ft X 32 ft garden all fenced in , Just need a gate. I'll try and get a picture up soon. We stopped at Agway and Tractor Supply and it must be spring ........cause all the baby chicks and ducklings are at the store... Jen's eyes started to get glazed over and ready to take some home. I think we are going to hold out for some baby turkeys . We will see. The other day we stopped at the Hickory Rocker place (Amish, You recall, where Eli lives....) We paid for the rockers but due to driving down to the island we left them there after paying for them.... They are lovely and I think just what Jen wanted. You seen them in her past posts. Back to the garden , we are trying to figure what we can plant now as the weather is still cool over night, near freezing. Jen told me today that she wants to get involved in the Bees this year , helping in the bee yard, she needs a entire bee suit for it to work for her. We stopped over to the Bee yard and of the 5 that I wintered over 3 died, 2 seem to have made it and flying all over today in this warmer weather. We have little yellow flowers that have bloomed very close to the ground along side of the roads and I think that they are working them. Those of you who have seen the Garage be glad to know that I have started cleaning that out. Some Crap from when we moved in and ALOT of stuff we moved here. Three loads so far to the dump and counting. Jen's been a trooper and getting better, she has been doing some ride alongs but still in pain and her Black and Blues look more greenish now. Some people wonder, How Do We Know If Jen's Posting or out in the Pasture? She's here , cause when I post It's Like a chicken tapping on the key board . Or It could be me doing both.......Hers and Mine!! You never know!!!! Til Next time Gang....JerryPhotobucket I do make myself laugh

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