Thursday, April 9, 2009

What can I Say ????

Well Gang a lot of time has passed since my last post , But I see that Jen Has been keeping you up to date with the goings on here and down on Long Island...."Sooo What can I say??" The most important thing was my Daughters Wedding last Sunday, You have seen all of the pictures, Read Jen's Blog about it. Congratulations Nicole & Mike!... That wedding in one swoop made us Grandparents to Paton, Mike's 5 year old daughter......She is the flower girl in the pictures. Jen and I met the Grooms side of the family at the Rehearsal Dinner Friday night at "Legal Seafood" Every detail of the weekend and wedding as planned by Nicole and Mike where flawless . Nicole made a Beautiful Bride, and I know Michael will treat her only as she deserves, The Best! " Soo What Can I Say?" We had a Great Time! As Jen said "It's like we are Living in a Snow Globe here in Caroga Lake the last few days. Somebody has been shaking it and it has been snowing here the last few days. " Soo What can I Say?" That's Living here in the Adirondacks. We found a very nice kennel for the dogs when we go away...Sort of like a doggie over night camp that they seem to love, they even came home with pictures taken of them, playing and being hugged by the kennel staff while we visited down state for the wedding. The owner, a former Long Islander before she did 23 years "On the Job" in Fla , Now retired here in the North Country " Soo What Can I say?" They loved It! MY BRIDE , JEN .......On Monday Night after we returned home and unpacking the car walked over to our overflowing roadside Mail Box and picked out all the mail. While reading and walking up the front porch stairs..........Jen Fell up!..... That right Fell Up! I did not see it happen.... I Did not hear it happen. I did see her picking herself up and PAIN was written all over her face. Jen's count is that she hit about 5 times on the Stairs ( Those long time readers will remember the ramp!) Well here it is Thursday late afternoon and she is Black & Blue up her whole left side "SOOO,,,, I'm Not going to say it!" I'm not sure if she has turned the corner yet on the pain, seems every day it's gettin worse. I believe some ribs bruised too, I seem lately to be doing a lot of bumping into her at night in bed which is causing her to yell out, waking us both up... Feel better Jen. On another Note.... Dan , The Bee Guy. His Dad , George was in the Hospital doing Battle with cancer for a very long time. George loved to do his Gardening with his wife, a 2 acre garden that fed six other families, loved to fish and was retired from the railroad, trains that hauled freight here upstate....You know those very long trains which seemed to be pulling a million cars....those type of trains. Friday , April 3rd..... George lost his Battle with cancer. I only met George and Dan's mom a few times before George left us on Friday but I liked him very much after our very first meeting. Helene , George's wife and Dan's mom is a HOOT and You would like her too. "Sooo what can I say?" George , we are going to miss you! I'm sure I left out a lot of the happenings since my last post but it's time for me to go as I'm a little Misty after thinking about George's passing. To all of the Kids, it was nice to see you over the weekend... "Soo what Can I say? "We miss you and love you, Dad. Til Next time gang.......Jerry

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