Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily!

Happy Birthday Lily! Hugs and Kisses from us!
I had my first mobile deer encounter while traveling back from Long Island with Allison this past Sunday. We were tooling along the Taconic Parkway doing about 55 mph (I swear officer!) and out of the woods on my right came first one deer, and then a few seconds behind him, another. I grabbed Allison and dug my fingernails into her forearm, because this can often help with speed reduction. While slamming on the breaks and performing a loud intake of breath, I was calculating in my mind his rate of speed vs. my rate of speed, and if this calculation would result in us meeting face to face. We were very lucky. If a third deer had been following them, he would have been hit. Thankfully, One and Two were alone and made it across the highway pretty fast. I don't know what happened on the OTHER side, I was too busy giving Thanks to God and making a mental promise to pay closer attention to the shoulder and the woods alongside the road. It is a beautiful drive, but the hazards of the Taconic are legend to us road warriors, and I finally can tell a near-miss story first hand. It's always better to tell a story than to be the story. We had a chock-full weekend and came home to all kinds of improvements thanks to Jerry. We both treat our lonely weekends differently. As usual, Mars and Venus don't mark their time in the northwoods the same way. Surprise! What I did notice most of all is that we finally have some BUDS here. The trees are looking less dead and more like they are waiting to pop at any moment. Although the snow is gone, you can still find snow PILES in and around the property, like the north side of the garage. It's kind of weird being able to make a snowball in your hand (if you were so inclined) while experiencing 85 degree weather. This type of weather wreaks havoc on a girls wardrobe. I have so many clothes in piles here, because I'm not yet willing to give up my wool socks or flannel ensembles, and yet, it's frigging hot during the day. I need shorts and tank tops just to survive outside. So what we are maintaining here is a double season wardrobe, and it is eating up closet space like you can't believe. Yesterday was bath day for the dogs. At 85 degrees I had no problem filling a 5 gallon bucket and bathing both Jake and Bailey on the back deck, where the Hot/Cold water spigots are (thanks Jerry-you rock) We used special oatmeal soap for dogs with dry skin and although they did try to get into the house while being bathed, after all was said and done they looked and felt better I'm sure. That was long overdue. As Daphne was done LAST week in the kitchen sink, she got off scot-free, and was glad for it. As much as she enjoys her bath, this washdown on the back deck resembled a hosing way too much for her tastes. She is more a milk-bath soak kind of gal. They dried off in the sun and the day was purposeful. I always try to get SOMETHING done, however minor. The black flies are out and zeroeing in on Jerry. I am not usually bothered by black flies or mosquitos, so outside for me is a treat. We try to compromise and work on inside projects when he is being eaten alive. I don't know why but they prefer him over me. Hmm. In any other context, I would be offended, but not this time. We now have 20 blueberry bushes artfully planted in the pasture (again, Jerry was a busy guy), and will be re-seeding the back portion of the acre pasture again this week. For whatever reason, that section didn't take so well. If at first you don't succeed. . .
Boy, ain't that the truth.

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