Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tylenol OR Morphine

Tylenol OR Morphine ? Is the question this morning! We have been having just wonderful weather here in the North Country, The Adirondacks. So with that in mind we decided that we would try some colder weather plants, Lettuce , Cabbage and Celery . The Amish by us run a garden nursery, to be more exact Noah the fellow who build our kitchen cabinets has a nursery with very nice food plants and beautiful hanging baskets of flowers. So we started the garden yesterday, April 28Th. Since it was an new garden that I had tilled up last week or so, we stopped and picked up garden compost to help the garden along. We picked up just 10 bags to get it started today ( Oh my aching back) and are expecting a delivery of 4 yards ( compost) from Dave down the road. Did I say 10 bags....????? I loaded 20 bags into the pickup and delivered 10 to a neighbor,.........oh my aching back! Well gang I spread the compost into a small part of the garden and Jen took on the planting of cold weather plants we picked up from Noah's green houses. Here's my bride planting. Yes.......Those are Wellies that Jen has on!
You think you have a Tough Job with no Bennies!
This is ..I think Noah's son plowing the field while we are picking out our plants for our garden
After planting just 1/3 of our garden we both woke up this morning wondering which would be best...... Tylenol OR Morphine ? , for the pain.
I'm sure the only one with a "good view "on this job is the Two front horses.
As we laid in bed this morning thinking about what hurts, the T.V. was on ,the weather man was advising if you had been fooled by the nice weather that we had been having and planted your garden already.........You might think about covering them up tonight and bringing in any decorative plants as "We are getting a Frost Tonight". That was us!
Seems the rule here is no planting other then hardy plants until after Memorial Day....,A week after Memorial Day. I think we will be OK as what we planted are Hardy,Cold Weather plants....We Hope.
Anyhow it seems that just getting up and moving around is helping the things that hurt, I'm off to do some other yard work.
I have a neighbor that I need to help check for the Swine Flu.
They say while checking, if the pig or swine appears to have an over active tongue, he has the flu. Whata Think??????
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Til Next Time Gang........Jerry


Anonymous said...

Jen, WTF are you wearing????? They say living up in the North Country does something to your mind....we would have thrown a net over you in PW....

FarmerJen said...

It started out as a cute little summer outfit. leggins, moccasins, sleeveless top. Very chic. Put wellies on, tie up your hair and you end up looking like some kind of inpatient on a day pass. If that was your wife, would YOU have published that pic?

Joe rabena said...

Hi guys, This is very cool blog! Computers all the way up there? I'm impressed. Hope to see you soon.