Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Hot one !

Getting the yard ready for summer, thinking about moving the campfire to this new location ( inside the circle of Adirondack chairs) Whata think ? Hey Walter ,Brian , Mike and Jessie ,could use you guys up here...The old man's back not what it used to be!!! I think those chairs weighed less last fall when I put them away!
Well Gang another hot one here in Caroga lake, 80 in the shade...What happened to spring?
Been quiet here since Jen and Ali down on the Island for the weekend. Dogs seem to miss them too. They are acting up and demanding more attention from me, always under foot.
The phones and Internet where out today which forced me outside where I should have been anyhow... Was going to stay in and nurse my aching back and joints from planting yesterday and some other yard chores. My ankle hurting so I suspect rain is on the way. That being said I headed out , fixed the clothes line , cleaned up the yard and worked off some of the dogs energy with some," fetch the stick". Hey guys I could use one of those sling shot tennis ball shooters.
Seems I also used to be able to throw the ball and sticks further.
Not getting older or slower, just hurting a little bit from lack of work over the winter and now over doing it since weather broke, "not getting older or slower".
The bees are flying and doing well , it appears that Dan and I have a bee removal next week from inside of a house which will be good as we will be able to get bees into the dead hives.
Thinking about getting out down to the lake and checking on the action...
Til next time Gang.....Jerry

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Anonymous said...

Jerry, looks like you are laying under that much for hard work..... Jen, look close, you'll seee him !!!