Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer has Arrived Here in Caroga Lake

Well Gang .....I guess it's up to me to post since Jen is down on Long Island. SUMMER HAS ARRIVED HERE IN CAROGA LAKE!!!!! It was at 4:30 pm 86 degrees here and down on L.I. 74 as reported by Jen on her car thermometer. I worked here around the camp, planted 20 blueberry bushed along side of the pasture. Then I moved over to the Bee Yard and added some more wire around the electric fence to keep the bears out. As you may recall it was May of last year that the bears made an appearance destroying the hives and eating all the honey.

So we add more wire.

Bee are flying today
Feeder jars
Ran into some friends that arrived for the summer , Dave and Cathy
A picture from last New Years Eve , here in Caroga
Good to see them again.
The town just full of summer people cleaning their camps getting rid of those leaves and branches . Doing repairs from winter damage but it's all good and everyone seems to be happy returning. The lake was beautiful today with a couple boats tooling around.
I have been leading the bachelor life and after doing the yard chores, cleaning the house and catching up on laundry headed out the last two night to one of the local restaurants, "The Outlet" for dinner. I have also been watching the Yankee's losing the last two nights against Boston.
With the sun that was out today I'm burnt pretty good , tee shirt tan, and only part of my face because of the baseball cap. After cleaning up, the summer shorts came out for the last few hours of sun, 1st time this year.
Anyhow gang that's it for tonight, Jen should be back posting Monday...( Or is it really me ?)
Til next time Gang....Jerry

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